Savannah Ius

Savannah is a Communications major with an emphasis in news media. She enjoys travel, photography, and is an avid bibliophile. You can find her on social media @savannahmhops.

Maddi Dayton

Instagram stories gaining on Snapchat

Snapchat was the first social media platform to incorporate stories. Snapchat is what some students still prefer, but others said it’s just a matter of time until Instagram Stories becomes the dominant platform.


Women seek best method for hair removal

Finding ways to shed unwanted hair has led some Utah women to move away from traditional waxing and try longer lasting methods like threading and laser hair removal.

Ryan Turner

Students choose shoe comfort over style

BYU nursing student Emma Clyde looked outside her bedroom window in January and saw snow falling heavily all over campus. Sighing, she put on her heaviest and most durable snow boots instead of the suede booties she was hoping to wear.