Kjersten Johnson is a BYU journalism major and life desk editor. Kjersten's dream career is to write for National Geographic.

Sarah Strobel; Sarah Strobel

10 must–do activities for students this fall

School has officially begun and summer has just left our grasp. But with the cooler weather comes different activities we can still enjoy before the snow hits. Universe senior reporter Kjersten Johnson gives her 10 must-do activities for students this fall.


BYU students use summer to hike the extra mile

Morgen Glessing’s friends dropped him off at the California Mexico border around 5 p.m. He only hiked about five miles that night and was nervous about what he had gotten himself into. He briefly passed one other person, a girl with a husky. As he trekked beyond them and eventually set up camp, it was quiet and calm — a big empty night in the Californian desert. He only had 2,595 more miles to go.