BYU athletes advance to 2017 NCAA Track and Field West Preliminaries


Forty-five of BYU’s Track and Field athletes qualified for the 2017 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field West Preliminaries.

The preliminaries will be held in Austin, Texas on May 25-27. A complete schedule of the preliminaries can be found here.

BYU has a strong line-up in the 3000-meter steeplechase. On the men’s side, Daniel Carney and Clayson Shumway rank in the top 10 in the West and Mitchell Briggs, Porter Reddish and Jacob Heslington will also contend.

On the women’s side, three steeplechasers are nationally ranked with Courtney Wayment at No. 12, Erica Birk at No. 7 and Kristi Rush as No.6.

In the 100- and 200-meter events, Tatenda Tsumba holds the No. 11 spot.

Clayton Young sits in the No. 3 seed in the men’s 10,000-meter. Young, along with Rory Linkletter qualified for the men’s 10,000-meter, 1500-meter and 5000-meter events.

Brenna Porter sits in the No. 9 position in the women’s 400-meter hurdles and Shea Collinsworth has the third-fastest time in the women’s 800-meter in the West.

The following table shows all BYU athletes that qualified.

Female Qualifiers
Event Athletes and Seed No.
800m Shea Collinsworth (No. 3)
1500m Shea Collinsworth (No. 12)
Whittni Orton (No. 20)
Erica Birk (No. 28)
Heidi Fuhriman (No. 48)
5000m Laura Young  (No. 35)
10,000m Laura Young (No. 28)
Alice Jensen (No. 40)
Yesenia Silva (No. 43)
400m hurdles Brenna Porter (No. 9)
3000m steeplechase Kristi Rush (No. 3)
Erica Birk (No. 4)
Courtney Wayment (No. 6)
High Jump Andrea Stapleton (No. 10)
Lindsay Yetter (No. 16)
Ellyana Long (No. 38)
Pole Vault Nicole Naatjes (No. 38)
Kylee Trageser (No. 48)
Triple Jump Chloe Hadley (No. 34)
ShyAndrea Jackson (No. 37)
Discus Sadie Nielson (No. 30)
Hammer Siale Vaitohi (No. 31)
Javelin Payge Cuthbertson (No. 32)
Heptathlon Lindsay Yetter (No. 43)
Halley Folsom (No. 44)
Male Qualifiers
Event Athlete and Seed No.
100m Tatenda Tsumba (No 11)
200m Tatenda Tsumba (No. 19)
Clark Brown (No. 37)
1500m Chase Horrocks (No. 12)
Rory Linkletter (No. 28)
Jacob Heslington (No. 41)
Clayton Young (No. 41)
Talem Franco (No. 45)
Kramer Morton (No. 48)
5000m Clayton Young (No. 21)
Rory Linkletter (No. 24)
10,000m Clayton Young (No. 3)
Rory Linkletter (No. 12)
Jonathan Harper (No. 16)
400m hurdles Korey Smith (No. 12)
Scott Mecham (No. 13)
Max Scheible (No. 24)
3000m Steeplechase Clayson Shumway (No. 7)
Daniel Carney (No. 8)
Jacob Heslington (No. 19)
Mitchell Briggs (No. 20)
Porter Reddish (No. 45)
Pole Vault Jameson Shirley (No. 15)
Triple Jump Ricky Fantroy Jr. (No. 43)
Shot Put Zachary Stetler (No. 18)
Dennis Christensen (No. 44)
Javelin Jacob Barnes (No. 30)
Kraymer Eppich (No. 33)
Decathlon Jackson Walker (No. 14)
Kevin Nielsen (No. 17)

After preliminaries, the championships will take place in Eugene, Oregon, beginning on June 7.