Heritage Halls collect quarters for kids



    Heritage Halls residents have joined up with KSL in the Quarters for Christmas project. This is the second year Heritage Halls has worked on the campaign for needy children.

    Irmaleda Anderson, associate manager of Heritage Halls, said that each year Heritage residents participate in a service project of some kind.

    “Last year we got off to a late start, and we didn’t have as much publicity for the program as we wanted. That’s not the case this year,” Anderson said. “We have already doubled the amount of money we raised last year, and the project isn’t over yet.”

    Ryan Richey, resident assistant of Tingey Hall, has put a lot of personal effort into Quarters for Christmas.

    “I volunteered the men in Tingey Hall to help head the project,” Richey said. “We wanted to work on something that would take away from being a competition and would be a spirited event to help needy children in Utah.”

    Anderson said that university carpenters built a large wooden tree with a plastic front to hold donated quarters.

    Men from Tingey Hall went to all the apartments in Heritage a few weeks ago and left cups for students to put spare change into. Every few days the president of each hall collects the cups and takes them to the central building where coins are changed to quarters and placed in the tree.

    “The hardest part of the service project has been changing pennies, nickels and dimes into quarters,” Anderson said. “We’ve drained every bank in Utah Valley.”

    The service project has been titled “Because I Have Been Given Much.” Anderson says that a devotional held Wednesday night for Heritage Halls residents was the culmination of the campaign. Speakers including Brad Wilcox and Michael Peterson spoke about service, giving and the spirit of the season. Santa Clause also made a visit to the students where students had their picture taken on his lap for a small donation to the campaign.

    Jenni Dawn Oberan, student coordinator of Heritage Halls, said the project will end next week.

    “We will be presenting our donation Dec. 11 at 10 a.m. on the Doug Wright Show (radio talk show),” Oberan said. “We are really excited because we have more than doubled our efforts this year.”

    “Most of all,” Richey said, “this has been a wonderful giving experience for us.”

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